“Nearly four years ago Jer coached a Powerlifting clinic I attended. At the time Jer mentioned something about my competing one day if I wanted to. At the time I laughed him off.” 

“Fast forward to this year I’ve dropped a weight class and added over 47 Kg to my total, competing at the 2018 Canadian Powerlifting Union National Championships. Jeremy’s coaching and leadership is second to none. With heaps of gratitude for his unwavering support of big dreams, laughter, encouragement, and willingness to adapt to whatever athlete arrives to training (we all have bad days). There is no question that I would not be the athlete I am today without him.”

Colleen O’Toole

“I have had the privilege of being coached by Jeremy for the better part of the past year. Despite my initial reluctance and hesitancy to take part in Olympic Lifting, I have now grown to love the sport and look forward to Jeremy’s programming and Barbell Clubs. The quantitative nature of the sport, competitive culture, and technical approach to synergistically combining strength, power and precision has been a breath of fresh air for my transition out of competitive hockey.”

“Jeremy’s coaching ability is second to none. I have had the pleasure, and displeasure of being coached by a number of individuals of varying abilities over the years. Jeremy’s ability to read his athletes, motivate accordingly, and coach from a position of genuine passion and care is unprecedented. If you’re looking to load it, lift it and love it, look no further, Loaded Athletics is the place for you.”

Ilan Cumberbirch, Owner and head coach of Yard Athletics


Load it.

Lift it. Love it.

Loaded athletics

“I am a competitive kick boxer. I heard about coach Jeremy’s knowledge, competitive back ground and university involvement from a friend. So I was really interested in training with him to build up my overall strength. 
After a few sessions I realized coach Jeremy is not just a regular coach. He found my weaknesses and came up with a strength plan immediately and soon after he made a plan for my upcoming fight. And even put in time to go over my meal plan and taught me how to manage my weight and make weight for the fight.”

“After a few months, all my training partners could see a difference in my power. And my family and friends saw a difference in physical appearance. Even in my fight, everyone commented about how different my opponent and I looked from each other.
I was more confident in my ability to throw techniques with power and that was everything to me. All thanks to coach Jeremy. 
Anyone who gets to work with him is lucky to be learning from such a high level, knowledgeable and humble coach.”

Farinaz Lari, world champion kickboxer and owner of District Warrior


“Coach Jeremy is a knowledgeable and passionate coach. Highly recommended.”

Chad Wesley Smith, Elite Strength Athlete and Founder of Juggernaut Training Systems

“Jeremy is an incredible coach. He’s always learning and trying to better himself for his clients! 5/5 would recommend!”

Sarah Smith, Owner of SoCal Weightlifting Club