Our Coaches

We have a dedicated team of coaches, trainers and athletes that will work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Jeremy Martin M.Kin 


(Co-Owner/Head Coach) 

Jeremy is a life-long competitive athlete. His experience ranges from team sports (basketball, football and rugby all at the provincial level) to combat sports (competitive mixed martial arts) and individual strength sports (provincial level powerlifting and strongman and national level weightlifting). He has coached all of these sports at some level and has been coaching for nearly fifteen years. Jeremy began writing strength and conditioning programs for friends and family members while in high school and has not stopped since.

What sets Jeremy apart from other coaches and trainers is his combination of high level education, self-directed learning, personal athletic experience and natural intuition for human movement and performance. Jeremy attended UBC for his Bachelor’s of Kinesiology degree and was then offered a full scholarship by the UBC strength and conditioning center. He used that scholarship to obtain a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, while working as a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach for the UBC varsity sports teams. Jeremy was fortunate enough to work very closely with the Thunderbirds football team, helping prepare them for their 2015 Vanier Cup winning season.

Working as a varsity level strength and conditioning coach helped expose Jeremy to levels of athletes ranging from still-developing 17-year olds to seasoned Olympians. He also developed his skills with large groups, as some sessions were lead by just him and involved an entire 80-person football roster. This has provided him with a sharpened ability to lead and provide quality instruction, feedback and proper programming for groups in a variety of formats.

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Gustavo Bellene B.A

CPT/ NSCA CSCS (Pending)

(Personal Trainer / Kettlebell and Weightlifting Coach) 

Gustavo is a natural movement trainer. As a well-rounded athlete, he started practicing martial arts at a competitive level at a very early age. He developed a profound interest for sports such as gymnastics and rugby during his adolescence that took him to bodyweight, weightlifting and kettlebell training. These disciplines gave him the tools to thrive and evolve in the fitness world.

As a Personal Trainer and coach, his focus is achieving a healthy lifestyle based on natural human kinetics from a biological and evolutionary perspective. He has been coaching and training people of all ages through many years. As a former co-owner and Head Coach of his own Crossfit gym in Argentina he gained extensive knowledge and experience in functional human patterns of movement.

Always learning about human capabilities as an individual and species, he is passionate about outdoor life and mountaineering, driven by the Russian evolutionary biologist Christian Theodosius Dobzhansky’s premise: “Nothing in Biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”.  

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Tara Martin B.Kin 

(Co-owner/Operations Manager) 

Tara is the brains behind the scenes at Loaded Athletics. A life-long fitness enthusiast and recreational weightlifter, Tara has long envisioned growing and running a fitness business that she can be proud of. 

Tara graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Tara soon realized after graduation that her passion didn’t lie in providing fitness training or hands on therapy directly, she instead thrived in a managerial role. Since then, Tara has been growing her experience in the fitness and health industry, first in a private gym setting and more recently as the general manager of a thriving downtown Vancouver physiotherapy clinic. She is taking these experiences and combining them with her passion for strength training to fill the role of co-owner and operations manager at Loaded Athletics.